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What is this website all about?

         A short introduction (by Doria)        Doria

This website is for people outside the focolare movement but also for people inside this movement. The movement exists since 1950 and started in Italy. Over the years the numbers have grown but also the number of people who have left the movement has grown. There are also many people who have questions about the movement, questions that are not answered by the website of the movement.

This website shows many questions, books, blogs and links to places on the internet where people ask questions. We also have a guestbook where people have left messages and where you can also leave a message yourself. The goal of this website is not to criticize the focolare movement, but it is to start an open and sincere dialogue with people both inside and outside the movement.

Interesting reading material from Renata Patti. (Italian and french)


La lobby del Vaticano (video Youtube)

Per decisione vaticana, ai focolarini saltano gli “schemetti”  (in italiano)

How it all began....

"Every soul of the Focolare must be an expression of me and nothing else." (Chiara Lubich, 1950)

If a letter can be at the center of a discussion, even 70 years after it has been written, then it must be a special letter indeed. Not so long ago this letter was only know by intern members of the movement but after many focolarine (or 'pope') left the movement, the letter has become more public and it has become a subject of discussion. We are curious how this discussion will end, if it ever will end...

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