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How we would like to help you:

The people who are involved in this website are mostly people who have been working with and for the focolare for many years and some of their friends and family. From our own experience, we know how hard it is to cut the ties with the movement. It is a decision that comes very slowly. When you are contemplating to leave the focolare you will feel guilty like a traitor. You feel like leaving your own family, almost like walking away from heaven.

We can help you by listening and by showing you are not a bad person, you are not crazy, you are still loved by God as much as ever. We can share our stories with you and we know it makes you feel a lot better.

How you can help us:

If you feel you like you want to give us help, we would be most grateful and happy. We are still a small group with no resources, no structure and we like to stay that way. The help you can give is to give us moral support, tell us your story, share with us your ideas. And we also like to hear your ideas about our work, how can we improve this work, how can we reach more people, how can we help them better. We can use help on a technical level to improve this website, but also help on a psychological level in such a way that we can learn how to deal with severe emotional and personal problems in a better way.

We believe that a lot of people hesitate to contact us and we can understand this. It is hard to trust somebody you do not really know. But you do know that once we were with you in the unity, we are sincere and honest people who want to live for God, now as much as we did when we were in the focolare. Please try to overcome your hesitation, we treat everybody with great discretion and confidentiality.

For more information about other opinions and recent discussions you can visit our guestbook.