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Welcome to the alternative Focolare website. This part of the website is under construction. Please come back again soon.

This is the place on the web for people who have left the Focolare or Gen movement.

We try to give you independent information about the Focolare and provide you with valuable information and opinions that can help you to understand Focolare better.

Thank you for coming to our website. We know that most people who have left Focolare or the Gen Movement at first do not like to be contacted by anybody who reminds them of their lives in the movement. Later this seems to change.

Many people who contact us have had a long time to adjust to their lives after the Ideal. Now they look back and they see that the times in the movement have had good and bad moments. We do not deny the feelings of joy. And I can still remember how I felt when I participated in the several Gen Festivals. It was a feeling as if we were the chosen people, chosen to create a better world.

For some reason you left the movement. The reasons can be different and also the way that we feel about the movement can be very different. What can this website offer you? We believe it is important to share the ideas, feelings and stories of the time we spend in this movement. It can help us to understand better what has happened to us. It can help us to go on with our lives and sometimes it is an opportunity to do something for somebody who is still struggling with questions and feelings of guilt




The main goal of this website is to help people. We try to do this in 3 ways:

    1. Information and counselling for people who are part of the Focolare or the Gen movement

    2.Understanding and friendship for people who have left the Focolare

    3. Information for new members or people who are thinking about joining the Focolare

This website does not repeat the information given on the official Focolare website. We give our own thoughts and impressions and are independent of the Focolare organization.


We are working hard to translate our website to other languages like Italian , Spanish, German and Dutch. We would also like to improve the visual appearance of our website. Because we are still a small group, we could use some help. Please if anybody has some time, contact us at focolarenet@mail.com.

Every offer will be seriously considered.

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